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Curriculum          framework.



Definition of Curriculum

The curriculum is a statement of the purpose of schooling. It is the common set of knowledge and skills that are required by all students for life-long learning, social development and active and informed citizenship. As such, the curriculum is the foundation of schools’ teaching and learning programs which are the school-based plans for delivering, expanding and extending this common set of knowledge and skills in ways that best utilise local resources, expertise and contexts. There is a distinction between the curriculum and a school’s teaching and learning program.


The core purpose of Officer Primary School, as defined in the Strategic Plan is to promote the philosophy that all children can learn and become effective learners. To achieve this, staff work in a collaborative manner, focusing on students’ achievements to inform teaching and learning programs that are sequential, engaging and inclusive. Students are exposed to a rich relevant curriculum that promotes lifelong learning, promotes local global citizenship and provides them with the attributes necessary to thrive in the 21st Century.


The Victorian Curriculum will be used at Officer Primary School as the framework for curriculum development from Foundation to Year 6.

Our school will comply with all DET guidelines about the length of student instruction time required in Victorian schools.

While all government schools are guided to follow the Victorian Curriculum there are no mandated teaching time allocations in Victoria, with the exception of the learning area of Physical Education. There are as follows:

  • Years F-3: 20- 30 minutes of physical education a day

  • 4 -6: 3 hours per week of physical education and sport with a minimum of 50% of that time for physical education.

Teaching and learning programs will be resources through Program Budgets.

Our school, when developing its Curriculum planning, will provide at least 25 hours of student instruction time per week.

At the Foundation stage (F-2) schools focus on 5 curriculum areas: English, Mathematics, The Arts, Health and Physical Education and the Personal and Social Capability. At Officer Primary School we choose to also teach other curriculum areas which are also reported against.

At the Breadth stage (3-8) schools broaden the focus to include each of the curriculum areas with a focus on English, Mathematics and Science.

The Leadership team will determine the two year curriculum overview that ensures all learning areas and capabilities are covered and allows for a broad range of subject choices at the Foundation stage. 

The DET requirements related to the teaching of languages will be implement through the teaching of AUSLAN.

The Framework for Improving Outcomes (FISO) Curriculum and Planning continuum will be used to evaluate curriculum planning and measure the schools success and progress.

The School Improvement Team (SIT) will meet regularly to track whole school data and identify potential curriculum areas that require focus. They will monitor the evidence of impact outlined in the Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) of the teaching program on student outcomes.

Specialist programs from Prep to Year 6 will be delivered for Physical Education, Visual Arts, Digital Technologies and LOTE (AUSLAN).

VCAA Scope and Sequence documents will be used when developing units of work to ensure all learning outcomes are achieved.

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