Student Enrichment

Officer Primary School is benefiting from the introduction of our Enrichment Program this year. This program is run by an experienced teacher who utilises the most current research and high-quality practices to design a learning experience that guides students towards their highest potential.

Officer Primary has been involved in using a range of assessment that our Enrichment Coach has been analysing to gain a better insight into our students, their needs and learning goals. We use this information to develop individualised goals for students and create a map of learning experiences to support their educational journey.

When students are welcomed into our sessions, they are made to feel safe and supported to explore Mathematics through using hands on materials. They are exposed to high level questions and experiences, and supported to achieve success through guidance and high-quality modelling and teaching.

Students experience the advantage of small groups, and appreciate the one-on-one support. This allows for time to explore and rehearse concepts. Students are involved in meaningful learning opportunities that allow them to work closely with a teacher and collaborate with their peers. Having small groups means that our coach is able to be flexible within lessons, and adapt teaching methods and learning methods as necessary. Students are provided with instant feedback, which sees them review their learning and make adaptations to their responses.

The students take great pleasure in asking questions and gaining more insight into what piques their interest. Lessons involve multiple exposures of previous topics, to ensure students are able to hold new and old information. They apply newly taught skills to Numeracy games and open ended questions.

It has been my pleasure to see many ‘light bulb’ moments happen before my eyes, as students have been exposed to new methods of learning. Their brains grow with knowledge and curiosity as they work within a safe, quiet space that provides opportunity to unpack misconceptions and demonstrate understanding by using Math materials and support to explain their ideas.