Instrumental Music Program


High quality instrumental music lessons will be offered at Officer Primary School in 2023. Lessons will be held on a weekly basis on school premises during school hours and will be accessible at an affordable price.


Why Should Students Learn Music?

Music helps students to communicate, collaborate and develop their creativity. Music helps their brain make connections that support learning in other areas, such as Literacy and Numeracy. Music also helps students to express and engage with their emotions.


About The Teacher

Dan has been an instrumentalist since 2005 and in 2019 graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Music, specialising in Interactive Composition. He is also an experienced performer collaborating with a range of artists around the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Since 2019 Dan has been teaching various instruments including Guitar, Keyboard/Piano & Drums, in both group lessons, as well as private. He has also worked in multiple primary schools in areas such as Mt Eliza, Maribyrnong, and everywhere in between.

Last year Dan had over 170 students and he has experience teaching children with varying strengths as well as challenges. Most importantly he is passionate about helping others experience the joy that playing music can bring to all of our lives.


Instrumental Music Lessons


Enrolment Form – Please complete and hand to the front office.


Parents Name: ______________________________________________________

Child’s Name: _______________________________________________________

Year Level & Class: __________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________

Phone Number: _____________________________________________________

Email: ______________________________________________________________

Instrument:       Guitar               Keyboard

Note* Both Keyboards and Guitars will be available to use during lessons, however students who are enrolled in Guitar lessons are strongly encouraged to bring their own instrument.


I agree to my child attending music lessons and as such give permission for my child to be released from the care of the school to the care of the music teacher for the duration of the music lesson. I agree to be bound by the terms and conditions stated above and to pay all lesson and equipment fees as and when they fall due.






Terms & Conditions for Music Lessons


Lesson Prices (including GST):


Group Lesson Price: $15.00 per week

Private Lesson Price: $25.00 per week

Music Book Price: $20.00


Each lesson will run for 30 minutes, and will be conducted during school hours.

Only 1 book per family is required, however students in Years 5 and 6 will be learning from a different book than students in Years 3 and 4, so an additional book may be required for siblings who are not in corresponding year levels.

Students will be required to bring their book to each lesson. That way we are able to annotate them and make notes on things that the student might find confusing. If they forget to bring their book, we will have spares, but they will be unmarked.



Payments will be made directly through the school. Once your child’s enrolment has been confirmed, invoices will be distributed for the new term’s lessons. The cost per invoice will vary based on the changing number of weeks each term. Please note: Your first invoice will include a charge for your child’s first music book. On completion of this book, parents will be notified about purchasing a second book. Payment must be received before students can begin their lessons.



Once your child is enrolled in lessons, enrolment is ongoing from one term to the next including one year to the next. This means that lesson fees will be payable even if your child does not attend the lesson/s, unless we are otherwise notified in writing by you.


How to Cancel your child’s music lessons:

If you decide to cancel your child’s music lessons, you will need to notify the school in writing 3 weeks before the next school term begins. Should your child discontinue lessons prior to the end of term, no refund will be available.


Progress Reports & Performances:

At the end of Terms 2 and 4 progress reports will be provided and students will have the opportunity to be involved in a performance. We strongly encourage all students to participate, however we acknowledge that this may not work for everyone and students will not be forced to take part.


You are most welcome to contact the school to review your child’s progress, discuss queries or raise any concerns you may have.